Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how much I can upload?There is a generous limit of 5 uploads per 24 hour that you can upload to your profile, our filesize limit is 50Mb for tracks and 500Mb for mixes. This should be plenty for 99% of users to get by without hitting any restrictions.What media formats are allowed to be uploaded?Your media must be in MP3 format. Your MP3 can be uploaded at a bitrate of your choice, however we reccomend 192Kbps, this will increase your upload speeds and also allow visitors to download your media faster but also retaining high quality sound.I am having trouble uploading my mediaIf you are having problems uploading your media there are a number of things you can try to resolve your issue which include:
  • Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player from here.
  • Disable any internet security software which may interfere with your upload.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser, if it still doesn’t work try an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox.
  • Some security software such as ESET Internet Security is known to completely block any upload activity. The only solution is to uninstall the application and use some alternative software.
  • If you are still having problems and have tried all of the above please ask in our support forums for more help.

How do I download mixes or tracks?

To download a mix or track, you need to be a member of the site and logged in to your account. To see the download link click on any mix or track title to open the player window, the download tab will appear across the top of the window.

If the download tab isn’t visible then the artist may have decided to not allow visitors to download their media. You may contact the artist directly to see if they are willing to share an alternative download link.

Is it free to download media

Yes, you can download media uploaded by artists to your computer or mobile device without charge. However if you feel you are a heavy user of the site we would appreciate donations to help keep this site running, our server costs are pretty expensive!

I can’t get any mixes or tracks to play?

Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed, you can get it here. If you are still having problems please try to close all your internet browser windows, then open up a fresh one and try again.

I am looking for mixes which contain the track ‘XYZ’

If you are looking for mixes or tracks whcih contain certain trakcs / artsts please use the search feature at the top of page.


Welcome Please Read To Join The DJ Network Community.

The DJ Network is a place for everyone to have fun, enjoy the community, and build friendships.


*Excessive Cussing
*Sexually Explicit Posts
*Racist Jokes or Comments
*Sacrilegious Joking
*Rude or Mean Comments
*Drug-Related Posts


All users must be 15 years of age or older per the terms of service.

Stream promotion must be placed in the our discord.

Please make sure you’re posting in the correct category for your respective posts.

Do not try and sell Any Type Of Music that would go against our TOS.

Do not post the same video, links, info, or other content multiple time in a row or within the same day.

If you choose to break these guidelines you’ll be asked to stop or kicked from the site.

Breaking any of these guidelines may also result in a ban. But follow these few simple guidelines and we’ll all have a good time!


Total Space
5 GB

The total space allowed to upload.
Track Size
1 GB
The size allowed to upload per track.
Basic Stats
Count plays, likes & comments.
Extended Stats
Know who’s playing your tracks and in which country your tracks are the most played.
Pro Badge 

We Use Shoutcast Radio To Stream The DJ’s Music To Our Tunein App And For The Radio Listeners On Site Also. 

Radio 320K Shoutcast Radio Sound.

We Also Would Like DJ’s To Use Our Video Streaming Options Also , We Use One Restream Link To Stream To All Of Our Other Network Pages eg: Youtube,Twitch,Mixcloud.

Our Chatroom Allows Guests And Members To Party With The Community By Allowing Webcams To Be Used In Our Chat Room Which Is Also Linked To Twitch Live Feed With Also Our Shoutcast Radio Feeds.

Want To Become A DJ On Our Network.